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October 1, 2021

Almost Nothing New for months

I have been extremely busy for the last eight months. I have added a couple of wonderful Chemtrail updates but not much else to this website. Mostly I have been busy with my property. I added chickens, built a chicken tractor, expanded the garden, built a generator house and got that all set up. I have been canning since June and keeping very busy with maintenance of the property, web design, Hypnotherapy, music and much more.

Winter is coming and I am sure to be updating much more on this site.


New Since 1/3/2021 (Newest on the top)

"Encourage yourself to forgive. Hold no malice, nor be revengeful in mind or spirit." (ECRL 427-3)

I have not added much since January third because my personal life has been a flurry of activity. It is not that I have stopped researching or accumulating data to share. It was just one of those times in a life when I'm so busy realigning my life to balance the changes that have taken place. After twenty-five years my wife and I divorced and that takes attention. There is also the question of what to do as our new "government" seems hell bent on not only censoring free speech but also criminalizing criticism. That is not good and it is my intention to continue this blog and to do so in a manner that further insulates it from random prying eyes.

How do I intend to do this? There is going to be a graphic or a picture that when clicked will open to the Red Pill Section. I won't even be able to specifically explain this in detail when I send out an email to all 18 email subscribers because the email service has become an arm of the supression of free speech and has cancelled the accounts of many who do not meet their requirements politically. What a world we live in.

I have added a few things and here they are:

On the State of the Nation page: The Marshall Report

On the Vaccine page a lecture by Simone Gold

On the Books page two books Breaking Free from the Victim Trap and Rebel Gene: Secret Space and the Future of Humanity

On the Music page I added a link to my personal music composition page

On the Mental Health Page I added a link to my Olympic Hypnotherapy Website

I just added (2/1/2021) a new page called Rick's Picks. It will be a daily addition of at least one article, video or other information that I found to be most interesting that day.

New Since 12/1/2020 (Newest on the top)

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act". George Orwell

"Fear is the greatest destructive force to man's intelligence."Edgar Cayce reading 101-1


1/3/2021 added to the state of the nation an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts

1/2/2021 added to the economics page the interview with David B. Collum and two detailed pdf's.

On 12/25/2020 I updated "My Take on Things"

On the Chemtrails page a list of the the possible purpose of these trails.

Science fiction like patents applied for on the science page.

Added to the UFO page the "1977 Vrillon Broadcast Interruption"

An addition to the music page about the Pythagorean Harp.

Many new articles on the Virus/Vaccine page

A new page: UFO and a story of an Alaskan snow plow drivers experience Encounters With Star People.

A new short story on the short story page titled The Message Through the Spinet

We are being "studied" by researchers at universities to determine how to persuade us to love the vaccine. And what is the means they use? Well there are many. One is the use of FEAR. How Fauci and others are manipulating us.

Study music and you will understand so many things. Music page.

New page The State of the Nation

New Since 11/1/2020 (Newest on the top)

Two articles added to the Virus Vaccine Page: one from Green Med Info and the other a video from Dr. Vernon Coleman. Dr. Coleman's video link is also on the Economics Page.

My take on things is updated on the My Take on Things page

Economics Page: America’s Economy Cannot Survive Another Lockdown, And The Cult Of The Reset Knows It

Virus page: The people of Denmark defeated the globalists.

Music Page: You will have to see the Wintergatan Marble Machine to believe it. 2000 marbles.

Virus page: "Pandemic is Over" - Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Says "Second Wave" Faked On False-Positive COVID Tests

As expected, if you disagree you are mentally ill. New article on the virus page.

Akiane Kramarik a child prodigy artist with a connection to the universe she has been aware of since she was very young. She paints. Her paintings will touch and impress you. She has an attunement to a spiritual realm most have yet to discover. It is a nine minute video on the new Art Page.

Dead for three days Dr. Rodonaia wakes up with a tale to tell. On the woo woo page

On the Virus and Vaccine page I have added a video interview with Dr. Carrie Madej. This is a must watch.

On the Health page I added the Space Doc website information. Valuable information about health across many topic areas.

Perhaps one of the best things I have listened to recently is a Joe Rogan Experience interview with Tristan Harris who spent three years as a google Ethicist developing a framework for how technology should “ethically” steer the thoughts and actions of billions of people from screens. He is now co-founder & president of the Center for Humane Technology, whose mission is to reverse ‘human downgrading’ and re-align technology with humanity. Additionally, he is co-host of the Center for Humane Technology’s Your Undivided Attention podcast with co-founder Aza Raskin. Here is the link. If this does not prompt you to reconsider your relationship with social media I will be surprised.

A former chemist who developed chemtrails talks about Chemtrails on the Chemtrail page.

New Since 10/20/2020

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who co-founded The Intercept, and broke the Snowden story, has left The Intercept because of censorship of his investigation of the Biden's. On the Censorship page and the Red Pill Video page.

Venom from honeybees found to kill aggressive breast cancer cells on the Science Page. Also on the Science page the development of Superwood a wood treatment that makes wood as strong as steel.

Skydivers Dead After Parachute Turns Out to be Bear. Story on the Humor Page

New story on the Short Stories Page titled I Did What!

I have added commentary to the Vaccine/virus page, the Economics page, and the My Take on Things page.

Mercury fillings and the FDA on the Health Page. Also timely commentary from Paracelus.

Added a new page in the Red Pill section called Woo Woo. I added an interview from 2008 with the creator of the WingMakers, added a older David Wilcock Video, added a recent Naughty Beaver video.

About Bitchute being axed by the "Play Store" on the Censorship page.
New Since 10/8/2020

Is the dream of the internet dead? You know, an uncensored place for the exchange of ideas. Maybe. On the Censorship Page there is a link to a Washington Post op-ed on this subject.

Amazing Polly and hundreds of other Youtube content providers purged for presenting alternative ideas, probably the the truth as our world spins into censorship by the elites frighten to death of the truth. Her thoughts on this are available here.

Learn about the ice core research and what it means for us on the planet. This will definitely be of interest in the debate regarding global warming. I put it on two pages due to content overlap. Watch it here.

Added to the Music page a link to a story in the New Yorker about Tony Cicoria, a orthopedic surgeon hit by lightning who had an out of body experience and later developed a passion for classical music composition and taught himself piano. Great story!

Added to the Global Warming Global Cooling page, a Joe Rogan interview with Randall Carlson. A fascinating look at the Earth's history through ice cores and why Carbon Dioxide is not responsible for the warming. Also added to this page a link into the website Electroverse.

On the Health Page I added a new post: The Psycho-Emotional Roots of Cancer

Definitely watch this video interviewing the inventor of the PCR test explaining how it does NOT diagnosis covid.

Added a good article about Masks on the Virus and Vaccine page. The article is titled COVID-19 Masks Are a Crime Against Humanity and Child Abuse.

Added a video to the Virus and Vaccine Page. Freddie Sayers talks to eminent epidemiologists Dr Sunetra Gupta, Dr Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Martin Kulldorff, who met in Massachusetts to sign a declaration calling for a different global response to the pandemic.

Added a video to the Chemtrails Page where Prince is interviewed and speaks about his experiences with chemtrails.

Added a book to the Books Page. It is my favorite metaphysical book on the underlying reasons for physical problems.

Added a page My Take on Things. It is just my observations, opinions, and predictions.

Added more to the Virus and Vaccine Page, as it seems that is the main topic around the world. This post will connect you with the Great Barrington Declaration and you can sign on to the declaration.


New Since 9/22/2020

I have added new short stories. I am a Witch and Return to the Kings Chamber.

New to the virus page are articles sure to stimulate your mind. It is titled Is Corona Virus Contagious. Also added to this page is an article titled Corona Check a greatly informative article.

New to the Electromagnetic page is a short video of the Secretary of Defense acknowledging directed energy weapons above us in space.

I added a Books page and talked about two books I am reading and one I adore.

Google is not a search engine, google is an influence engine and is hand and glove with many goverment agencies. This article is on The Media Trap page.

New page: Global Warming, Global Cooling

New to the Virus page is an interview with Christiane Northrup, M.D. concerning vaccines.

Also new to the Virus/vaccine page is an article and link to a study connecting aluminum to autism.

Added to the Global Warming Global Cooling page an old Youtube video from Adapt 2030 explaining the Grand Solar Minimum we are entering into

Added to the Books page, a book by Echo Bodine called Echos of the Soul

Added to the Virus page: There is an international group of tort lawyers that have banded together file a class action suit against those who criminally conspired and lied to the people of many nations about the corona virus. The COVID-19 Crime Against Humanity.

New up to 9/21/2020

On the Red Pill Video page is a link to a just released movie that is a must watch. This movie is called Plandemic Indoctornation.

On the Video page I added a video showing the view from the German "flying train" in 1902. Really interesting.

I added a story about TT Liang in the Short Stories section.

On the Video page I added Raymond Moody on Reincarnation.

In the section Mental Health I added a great Ted Talk on the causes of depression and anxiety.

Added an article about how Bill Gates influences the media on the Censorship page.

Added a link to Rick Beato on the Music page and noted two of his videos of interest.

I added a story to the Short Stories page about the Cadaver Fair I attended years ago and a story about my UFO experiences.

Added a podcast by the "Medical Medium" about chemtrails.

I have also added more sources on My Sources page

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