I have this video here because I know we all have within us a genius level of expertise in many areas of life. And sometimes, when we incarnate things, conditions, opportunities, support systems, and other aspects of our environment just work out so well for us to engage a talent, a past learning. 

This is such a case. Akiane has the nourishing environment provided by a loving and supportive family. She also is connected to higher frequency realms we often call heavens, places where consciousness exists in a body more akin to light than flesh. She has a good connection and combined with family her opportunity to do her art has created great works. Do watch this video.

For many years my best male friend was Joe Baque. (We are still friends but "covid" has disrupted our ability to get together as often. )

We would get together often to have a glass of wine, a bit of spark, talk cosmologies and sometimes add some music to the mix. One time I asked him to play New York New York for me to use with some pictures and video I took from a trip to NYC. This video is the combination of Joe's performance and my photos, videos, and video editing.

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