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October 1st 2021

It would be reasonable to say things have gone from bad to worse over the last six months. The population is still mostly hypnotized by the MSM and living in fear of a disease that 99.5% of people will survive if they get it. The Globalists have continued to attack the world's population in everyway imaginable. Their goal of eliminating a great percentage of the world's population continues unabated.

Economic systems are nearing collapse as governments in league with the Globalists do whatever they can to destabilize with the goal to cause such suffering that people will embrace them as saviors when they step up to offer a solution. They create the crisis so that they can change the systems to continue to benefit themselves. And benefit themselves they have as the very rich are getting very rich as everyone else struggles to pay their bills.

There is an invisible tax of inflation rapidly reducing the purchasing power of currency. This inflation only benefits the government and their rich cronys.

The vax is undoubtably there to kill and weaken populations and the brainwashed entranced dutifully proceed to get their shots believing they are doing the right and moral thing. The data coming proves that the vax is either a death sentence or a crippling, or a creation of chronic conditions.

The flu has disappeared and now all flu is the Covid disease.

There is so much more but I will leave it at that for the moment.


Well here we are in April of 2021. I decided to update today because I was listening to an interview and realized there is a small window of time for us to oppose the virtual slavery that is coming our way if the bad people win.

When the vaccine passport identification comes to be we become slaves to a very small elite group of people. We can't let that happen. It has happened in China already and is coming this way at the speed of light.

You must watch this video.


Wow. It has been almost two months since I updated the section.


It has been almost two months since I updated this section and there are definite reasons for that. In that period of time my relationship of 25 years came to an end and a divorce. I came to the point of realizing that it would never get better and being alone would be just as good if not better. This change is still a major focus of my life as there are so many details to take care of as a result.

As far as the world goes, well, I talked to a high school friend the other day and he made sure to tell me that he had had his second shot. Fool. All I could do in my mind was grieve for him. There was no point in attempting to influence him to wait and let others be the test subjects. And if things go as some suspect, he will be severely injured by his choice. The injuries will occur as a time release pill would work. Look for the large number of fatalities to begin in months to a year and a half. Right now there is an attempt to silence the data on those already suffering from the shot. There are many many people with difficult reactions.

The economy has not gotten any better and the government is working hard to find ways to tax the people heavily. Having "borrowed" trillions from the Federal Reserve the only way out is more taxes and to allow inflation to run rampant. This too is outside of the purview of most people. They are not like deer in the headlights but rather don't even see the car coming. Inflation is a tax. Already your savings have lost about seven percent of their purchasing value.

The Texas cold ought to be a wake up call for people as there is weather warfare being waged on people all over the globe. It also should show how fragile the infrastructure of this modern era is.

Concerning "covid", Florida, which had no lockdowns, has done better than places such as New York and California that locked everyone up for their own good. It is very clear to those in the know that "covid" is just a mutating flu virus. In fact, the covid virus is yet to be isolated and may not really exist. Last years total deaths in the US were about the same as the year before. The big change is that all the cases of flu have disappeared and been labeled as "Covid". It is one big scam.

My high school friend is a rich ex-microsoft employee and yet too blinded by the light of the mainstream media to even consider any other possibilities. Ignorance will be the downfall of many a person. One thing I have learned in this life is this: the rich think they are smarter than the rest of us and never take into account that intelligence and income are not statistically coupled. Some people just happen into circumstances that make them wealthy. Some people work extremely hard their whole lives and have little.

Microsoft has started a coalition to "cleanse" the internet of dissenting voices like myself. Soon I will hide the content on this website. You will have to subscribe to know where to find it or email me. I am relatively safe as I do not have a following.

On this Christmas canceled day, what is truth?


A guy I know is one of those people that "knows". When you ask him for the research behind his opinions he gets annoyed and states he just knows. When he tries to engage me in an argument I just state that I am simply an ordinary guy and most of us ordinary people do not have access to the information that would allow us to have definitive information on most any topic. At least that ends the possibility of argument. After all, who would want to argue with me, a person who admits he doesn't have any way of confirming the truth of things.

Of course, I do have opinions based on a great deal of research and I refuse to discuss anything controversial with anyone who just "knows". To me they have taken the lazy way out by not considering for a moment that they are not omnipotent. Most people I know at this time are this way. As some say "they are just hypnotized and brainwashed by the media". Perhaps it is their way of staying sane in the midst of this insanity afflicting the world.

Here is my current analysis:

The plan is to eliminate the middle class primarily by destroying the small businesses. The small businesses are over 50% of the gross national product of this country and employ over half of the workforce. Once destroyed, give people a guaranteed minimum income and should any of those people complain just cut them off. Institute a social credit score based on your compliant behavior. Comply and you get to have access to your money, access to food and more. Don't comply and you will suffer. Don't believe this? Just you wait.

There is a movement toward giving you a social credit score based on your browsing history. Google lets you download your entire search history even though it is counter to the Data Protection Act for them to have this data stored.

None of what is happening would make any sense unless there was a much greater plan and as you know I have mentioned that that plan has a great deal to do with eliminating you and most of the people you know so that the elite can rule over this planet and have vast hunting and game preserves, and have huge private estates in the most prestigious areas of the world. You are but a bother to them as they see their wealth as being justified. Those justifications change a little over the years. "During the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe, monarchs utilized the doctrine of divine rule to placate the concerns of the commoners." The elites now justify their position by "free market laws" that are not to be questioned.

"Most wealthy people share a few common traits. They’re ambitious and terribly status driven. They love to hoard the majority of capital even when their fellow citizens aren’t doing so well. And they’re also really, really good at creating justifications for why they have so much and you have so little.

To quote the American economist John Kenneth Galbraith:

'The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.'

An interesting book on this subject is Billionaire Wilderness. In a essay on the book, written by By , he writes: "What, then, does Billionaire Wilderness reveal about America’s ruling class as a whole? That the ultra rich are shockingly self-serving in their philanthropy and their politics is impossible to ignore in Farrell’s account. But what motivates this extreme self-absorption?

To attempt to answer this question, Farrell turns to psychology. He locates the origin of elite attitudes specifically in a lack of empathy. And this problem is compounded by elites’ fundamental lack of self-awareness: they are unable even to see how little empathy they have."" Lack of empathy occurs in sociopathy, psychopathy and autism.


Perhaps something wonderful will happen and help us avoid being serfs under the coming "Global Reset" aka the taking of all your freedom, property, and money, in exchange for an illusion of safety. Of course, you will have to submit to the medical dictatorship and that will be the beginning of the end for the world as we have known it.

The "Taygeteans" sent this message to Cosmic Agency regarding your choice to participate in the great injection experiment.



Hope is fading?


I was a child in the 50's and 60's and grew up with Superman, Skyking, The Lone Ranger and many other television shows that had good inexorably winning against evil. Oh what a unhappy surprise awaited me as I became an adult and discovered that often for long periods in history the evil can hold the reins of power. I was reminded of this yesterday when I paused and listen to a few minutes of Trump's covid-19 summit.

For sometime I have hoped that the rumors of Trump being a good guy, a white hat, a hero had given me hope. Hope that something wonderful would happen and would come from him. I'm not so hopeful now. Now it seems he may be all in on the plan to genetically modify the population through tacit mandatory vaccination. Tacit meaning that you will eventually will need to get the vaccine in order to survive. Maybe he will surprise us in a good way soon but don't hold your breath. As someone put it (Benjamin Fulford I think) the Trump group and the Biden group are but two competing divisions within the Cabal. As George Carlin said, "Its a big club and you ain't in it".

I am going to continue to hope while focusing my energy on meditation and prayer. Join me.

The censorship of the media is getting worse and worse everyday. Youtube is now actively censoring anyone questioning the veracity of the recent presidential election. I predict there will soon be censoring of content in gmails.

In a odd twist it seems that Bill and Melinda are disappointed that the vaccine will be first given to Americans. What's the motive here: is it killing minorities throughout the world as the Gates Foundation is all ready guilty of? (Here is an article cited elsewhere in this page regarding the "efforts" of the Gate's actions.)

Gates told CNN's Poppy Harlow in a Thursday interview that she's worried about 'vaccine nationalism.' "The president just signed an executive order to try to put Americans at the front of the line when it comes to vaccines," said Harlow. "I wonder if that’s what you were worried about when you kept saying and warning against vaccine nationalism?"

"That’s exactly what we were worried about," replied Melinda Gates, adding "I knew it was coming and I was just incredibly disappointed."

In a very recent NYT interview this clueless rich girl says “What did surprise us is we hadn’t really thought through the economic impacts.” Really? You and your self proclaimed genius husband were unable to figure that out? You are fired.

I am expecting this pair to show up in a future Starwars episode as the most dangerous people in the universe. Maybe a good title would be Reign of the Psychopaths.


December 21st many say is the day that we begin the age of Aquarius. It is also a day when many planets align in rare conjunctions. Make sure to meditate and envision a world you want to live in on that day.


What now?


Yes what now. Getting back to the core reason for all the problems now confronting us. All the problems are designed to bring the American people and the people of the world to their knees, to a place of desperation, fear, uncertainty, grief and ultimately compliance with the goals of the Globalists. Oddly enough, the Globalists want most of us dead and that is where the vaccines come into view. I had believed that most of us who understand the purpose of the vaccines would hold out as long as we can while the obvious intent of the vaccines would occur causing an uproar, a revolt and mass protests over the loss of life and health they will bring. Then I came to another realization that may extend the time we need to hold out.

The Globalists are in control of most of the media and most of the people I know do not have a clue what is coming. Worse, because of the control of the media I am concerned that there will be a global cover up of the death and destruction caused by the vaccines and that death and destruction will be spun to the people saying that the "pandemic" has gotten worse despite the vaccines. Those killed and maimed by the vaccines will become "covid" statistics furthering the fear and compliance of the people. This means it will be necessary to be able to stay home much longer than I originally estimated. (On the virus page scroll down to the interview with Dr. Carrie Madej to better understand the worst case scenario for the vaccines.)

Those not vaccinated will not have the necessary identification to do much of anything and due to the possibility of being "medically kidnapped" we will have to stay home to avoid becoming detained.

The Great Divide


There is a great divide throughout the universe and this divide is, selfish versus selfless. It is the prime criterion of conscious existence, the choice created by free will. You can see it in the actions of all people. It manifests as cooperation or competition.

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is really about systems in cooperation. The "survival of the fittest" idea attributed to him and used as justification for war and competition for resources, was taken out of context for purposes of supporting agendas driven by selfish interests.


The Election


Misdirection is arousing the absorbed interest of a spectator in some object, person, or idea away from the magician’s method, during those moments in which the performer makes the secret sleight (or subterfuge), thus making possible its undetected execution.

Both the in person and the virtual magician uses the art of misdirection to arrest, direct, captivate, compel, and control the attention of spectators.

By compelling the audience to attend to a minor thing, the performer distracts the audience from attending to the major thing.

These days, the corporate media hypnotizes the watching masses by accentuating the minor things and into accepting the propaganda of the ruling class.

These days elections are the illusion for the masses that they have choice and influence events. Who influences events? Watch this video (don't let youtube scare you when you arrive at youtube and you see the "scary" black window. The only scary stuff on this video is what is going on with the elites.


The coming changes


I have been aware of predictions concerning earth changes for most of my adult life. These predictions/prophecies are mostly from sources most would call woo woo. However, over the decades science has caught up with prophecy (see the global warming cooling page and listen to the Randal Carlson interview with Joe Rogan where the ice core data that lends credence to Velikovsky and those who suggest that Catastrophism is one of the forces that have shaped our world. "Catastrophism is the idea that Earth has been affected in the past by sudden, short-lived, violent events that were sometimes worldwide in scope. It contrasts with the dominant consensus geological view, uniformitarianism (or gradualism), the idea that change, is the cumulative product of slow but continuous processes, ie. the continual processes we see shaping the Earth today, are only those that shaped the Earth in its past.)

One "prophet" predicted that the only thing that would stop the psychopathic elites would be great earth changes. Edgar Cayce also predicted earth changes as part of a physical polar shift. Why mention all of this you might ask. Because I wonder where the website gets their data allowing them to predict a huge reduction in America's population. If you look at the 2025 section perhaps the answer is in the Surface data that isn't there in the 2025 chart. Perhaps a great portion of the US land mass is missing?

"And before you go and discount Deagel’s numbers, its very important to know that their sources ARE the ‘deep state’ with the CIA, US Department of Defense, US Department of State and World Bank contributing data for their forecasts. So…. what does Deagel know what we don’t know? Their souces make clear that whatever Deagel knows, the ‘deep state’ knows, too!"


Why "local" is important


At a dinner recently I sat next to Jim. Jim and I go back a long time. I was talking to him about my wife's opinion that there is not much we can do about things on this planet as there is a hierarchy and those at the top are the real controllers of the earth. Jim looked at me and gave me a new idea that I immediately had to adopt as my own. He explained that no matter how powerful the elite are, there is something to be said for making sure the local Mayor is a good person, because a bad Mayor can make your life miserable. Local Matters!


How about some optimism Rick?

Okay, optimism coming up. We are eternal beings. We are very powerful beings. If we use our minds in a concerted manner we will help! Here is what I am doing and invite you to join me.


The World's Gone Crazy:


I'm watching, I'm always watching, watching the events, trends, and the players on this planet. These days it is hard to watch. I have never been in alignment with the direction the powers on this planet have taken. I truly feel that those people controlling events on this planet are psychopaths. It's pure and simple. They have no empathy, they don't care about others only themselves. Their God is power and control and they create that through control of the money supply. With that control they own most of the valuable land and own enough stock in all the major corporations to wield control. They have been in control for a very long time.

The thing this group does to stay in control is to manufacture dissent amongst as many groups and nations as possible. They are very smart and they have many contingency plans for every possible situation. Their biggest fear is that we may wake up to their manipulation and the horrors they have created for eons and that we may say off with their heads.

"The powerful fear the people. Always have, always will. They are at all times acutely aware that there's not actually anything stopping the public from using the power of their numbers to take back everything their rulers stole from them and doing whatever they like to their former oppressors. We're like a giant the size of a mountain who is in an abusive relationship with a tiny little man; we might not think too much about how we could squash him like an insect whenever we like, but he most certainly does."

Because of that they will do whatever they have to do to retain their power. We can see their hand now days in so many situations. They control the technocracy and are using it to silence both dissent and truth. Thousands of Youtube channels are gone. Google searches are manipulated. Newspapers and Presidents and President's advisors are routinely silenced. The first amendment is at risk of being lost.




Why aren't the powers that be on the left and the right both allowing the elites to run the show? Why let so many industries crash, burn, and fade away? Why is the military allowing the Republic to be taken over by an elite class of oligarchs and corporations?


Could it be that in their planning they know there won't be a need for most of the things that have defined us as a culture? And if that is so, what do they know is going to happen to everyone?

Q: Why aren't people enraged!

A: IMHO, the people don't see what is happening.




Where is the evidence? There is no real test to indicate a "covid-19" virus. All that is being tested for are fragments of DNA that do not indicate much of anything.

This is a world wide event. If it is a man-made virus what is the purpose for creating it and letting it out of the laboratory?

The Nobel prize winning scientist who developed the test being used says it is useless when testing for covid. (You can watch him interviewed on the Virus Vaccine Page, the article is about 11 down the page.) A positive is not a case. A case requires you are ill and that there is a cause that can be isolated. So far, the CDC can't deliver an actual virus. All this time and no virus? Why are most of the media hiding the facts?

World wide economies are being destroyed. Who benefits?

Why is free speech being censored?


My take on this:

This is a push to implement a one world order, a power structure consisting of the very wealthiest people and corporations in the world. This lock down is destroying the competition the corporations may have. When small hardware stores are forced to close while the big box stores get a pass it's a consolidation of power and control amongst the corporations. Half of the jobs in America came from the small business sector and at this time about half of those businesses will not be re-opening.

I am very concerned that our future will resemble the worst horrors we can imagine. I am concerned that one of the goals of the coming mandatory vaccines is sterility and/or death for most and a dumbed down servile remnant of the remaining population. These are dangerous times that require people to think and how can they think when they are fed a constant stream of propaganda from a corporate media.

Like frogs in a pan of gradually warming water we need to jump. We need to demand debate instead of suppression of ideas. We need proof. It is not too late but there could come a time when it is too late. There are millions and billions of us and only thousands of them.

Some higher dimensional beings suggest we focus on keeping our vibrational frequency high through focusing on light and love. Sometimes that seems difficult as there are so many resources being targeted against us.


Coming Trends

The monetary system will appear to collapse, followed by replacing all physical currencies with one digital one. This will end any cash transactions and allow every transaction to be taxed and also create a system of control over all the people because they will be able to "suspend" your card if you disobey or speak out.

Digital Identity Passports will be embedded in the body with a chip or a tattoo. This will be a defacto mandatory requirement. It is coming first to London it appears.

Millions will suffer greatly and millions will die from the vaccines.

The vaccines will alter the human DNA, and that alteration will not be good.

Violence will be promoted between the radical left and radical right resulting in gun confiscation

More income inequality coming: According to the latest Fed data, the top 1% of Americans have a combined net worth of $34.2 trillion (or 30.4% of all household wealth in the U.S.), while the bottom 50% of the population holds just $2.1 trillion combined (or 1.9% of all wealth).

More than 63 million Americans have sought jobless aid since the coronavirus lockdowns began in mid-March.

The hidden tax of inflation will shrink the buying power of all.

COVID has and will continue to claim lives, but 99.9 percent of the country’s population will NOT die from this virus.

No matter who wins the U.S. Presidential election, it will be full speed ahead into more Medical Tyranny, and more drugs and vaccines to be forced upon the population, as the U.S. participates in the New World Order that is moving forward at break neck speed.

Weather extremes and anomalies will increase. People will slowly realize the climate is actually cooling.

Cooling temperatures will cause agriculture areas to change worldwide.

The cost of food will rise many fold.

Weather is almost completely controlled and used as a weapon between nations.

Now that the cat is out of the bag by the Pentagon admitting there are Directed Energy Weapons in space, we will hear more and more about them. (They are used for starting and accelerating the forest fires that have extreme anomalies such as melted metal and green trees next door.)

How about some good news! There is a very high probability that the forces that seek to injure the people of this planet will lose though the cost will be high and the process difficult.


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