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The most important thing that the elite families and groups know about the world is how to make themselves as invisible as possible. When I was in school I was indoctrinated in the idea of pluralism. There was a fortunate day in my life when I found myself in a Humanities class. Teaching that class was a young bright assistant professor. I learned from him that there were rules at the University of Minnesota that included several areas of thought that he and others were not allowed to talk about. He dropped enough hints and information for me to come to the realization that pluralism was a story of political interaction that was untrue. I figured out what you might expect everyone to figure out at sometime and that was that there were groups of people, dynastys of families going back a long time that owned most of the wealth of the world and were intent on owning more of it and being in control of everything. And, nothing has changed since then. The axiom is simple -- follow the money. The money establishes the rules and changes them when convenient. The elites control most of the world banking industry.

I will need to get a list of books together.

There are very many books that detail the various aspects of a global group that control much of the world through multiple systems. One man who is a self-confessed conspiracy theory researcher is David Icke. He has done five interviews with Brian Rose at London Real. These interviews are quite detailed, and though many theories he shares are controversial, surprising and exceptional, it will stretch your mind.

Here is a a short excerpt of him answering a question. The question asked what the world would look like in a couple of years if the elites accomplish everything they desire. Some say only about ten percent of the people need to unite consciously around an intention and then to alter the reality in that dire

Click on the image to listen to the answer to the question.

Here is a link to the London Real website:

It seems in every age there are Saints and Sinners. I would like to nominate Billy Gates to be designated a Sinner of his generation. I used to be aware of him primarily because of his public relations image until I read a Vanity Fair article about him in 2011. Still, I had some admiration for him because he did put most of his energy into this singular area known as Microsoft. For most of us that deep a focus and dedication is difficult to achieve.

I like to think that we in our eternal energy field consciousness choose to be born where we want to be born in order to offer us opportunities for soul growth. We primarily achieve this growth by being in a state of love with the characteristics of kindness, compassion, joy, peace and other words with that type of energy.

So at one time I had the public relations version of Bill. Well, not anymore. I had no idea that he was as privileged as he was. Not only privileged, but also part of the "family" of world elites as his grandfather was head of the Seattle Federal Reserve and his dad was a very rich attorney in Seattle with deep connections to the powers that be. And if truth be known, Bill could now easily play a James Bond 007 villian given what he has been up to for the last twenty years. Here is an article for you to read and consider. The article.

I have long admired Deborah Tavares for her courage. She is a Northern Californian who has been documenting and reporting on the actions of the elites. Her view of what is going on in the world is quite disconcerting and is a very real insight into what is happening and what is planned. This Youtube video is all audio and is worth listening to.

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