The Media has taken over the role of manufacturing reality. They have decided what is true, the ministry of truth. And if they don't like what you say they eliminate you. This video puts thing in context.

I am using Mailchimp for my very small mailing list. They have changed their Terms of Use to allow them to decide if you should be able to send out your email through them. It becomes so amazing to see how the tenacles of control work their way down the into the tools of the internet age. Some customers, yes customers who pay for the service, have had their mailing lists deleted. The noose is tightening everywhere. Here is a link to the story.

Glenn Greenwald resigned from a newspaper (the Intercept) he co-founded because the censorship of his investigative report on the Biden's. Here is his interview with Joe Rogan. 10/28/2020

Google Play has booted a third-party app for BitChute, one of the most popular free speech focused YouTube alternatives, from its app store as part of another contentious crackdown on an alt-tech competitor. Specifically, Google claimed the app was in violation of the rules because its “primary purpose is to drive affiliate traffic to a website or provide a webview of a website without permission from the website owner or administrator.”

But BitChute has disputed this characterization and tweeted: “Contrary to the message below there was never any affiliate deal and permission was given.”

It is an out and out war on information and freedom of speech by the Powers That Be who operate through the Tech Monopolies like Fauxbook. Join Bitchute, abandon Youtube, let people know about Bitchute because it is important we do not lose our freedom to consider ideas. (Amazing Polly after being axed by FB has moved here). Bitchute

Posted 10/18/2020

About the same time that Twitter censored the Washington Post Youtube did a mass purge of Thousands of channels to silence dissent -- truth. If this trend continues we will soon be completely without alternative views to consider. Polly of Amazing Polly speaks about how she feels here. Her research has been some of the best on the planet.

It is now evident that there is a war on information and a war on human beings. She is available on Bitchute.com. Go to Bitchute and register, its free.

The internet is a great set of tools, and I use many of the great tools, and I am very concerned when the governments and oligarchs remove whole sets of those tool, such as Youtube channels that criticize the power elites.

“The internet was supposed to make censorship obsolete, but that hasn’t happened. Many of the world’s most censored countries are highly wired, with active online communities,” said Joel Simon, executive director of CPJ. “These governments combine old-style brutality with new technology, often purchased from Western companies, to stifle dissent and control the media.”

Dictators and the Internet: A love story

This article from Dr. Mercola points out the lengths the powers that be will go to please their overlords and protect their interests by censoring the encouraging results of an alternative treatment for covid 19. To me, censoring Doctors sharing the results of their effective treatments of Covid 19 patients, makes them conspirators to commit murder. Many will die. They will die because the American people are not given a chance to consider the evidence and pursue alternative therapies instead of the untested vaccines. Here is the link.

I have saved some links that I thought were well written and relevant.