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Dr. Rodonaia

Assassinated and dead for three days he awakens with a tale to tell.

"Dr. George Rodonaia, a Russian physician, psychiatrist, and scientist, was in a great deal of trouble. He had overstepped his bounds, but suspected nothing. As far as he knew, the Soviet Union was aware only of his work as a doctoral professor at Georgia University. But Dr. Rodonaia was wrong. The KGB had been tracking him as a political dissident and was aware of his secret activities with the underground. His primary job with the movement was to smuggle dissidents out of Russia to the United States and other democratic nations. They printed newsletters, networked with others of like mind, and were quickly mobilizing people toward a peaceful revolution. Communism was unacceptable to Dr. Rodonaia and he was dedicated to the ideals of freedom.

The Kremlin knew that the esteemed professor was the enemy, and it had been planning his assassination in detail for many months. Ironically, Dr Rodonaia felt himself to be in a sage place; he had managed to obtain an exit visa and had been invited to the United States due in large part to his scientific, medical, and scholarly university work.

He had achieved a reputable status in Russia as well. He held doctoral degrees in psychology, theology, science, and Oriental languages. He was in good spirits as he arrived at the airport in order to meet his family who were waiting to leave with him for the U.S. At last, he was leaving Russia behind to pursue a life unhindered by the limitations and oppression of communism. He didn't see the car idling less than a block away, nor did he see the watchful KGB as they followed his movements.

As the doctor stepped from the sidewalk to cross the four lane avenue to the airport terminal, the KGB agent suddenly gunned his battered four-door and raced down the avenue toward him. The doctor only had time to see the oncoming car. He froze. The car hit him going forty-five miles per hour, throwing him into the road, fracturing his skull, and snapping his neck and spine. The KGB agents sped away from their assassination. Curious onlookers came into the street. By the time an ambulance arrived, Dr Rodonaia was dead.

The medical technicians loaded his body into the ambulance and took it to the city morgue. An autopsy would be performed in several days. Ordinarily that would be the end of the story of Dr Rodonaia, but after three days he would inexplicably awaken from death, only to reveal that he had had some extraordinary experiences in the worlds of the dead.

The soul of Dr Rodonaia observed the removal of his body from the street at a curious vantage point: above the scene, he saw the entirety of the last moments of his life and the placing of his body in a freezer.

Strangely detached, he turned his attention to his unusual surroundings. Darkness. Pitch Black.

Where am I? he thought. Am I not dead? There was no anxiety. Floating in a sea of contentment, Dr Rodonaia felt no pain, no anxiety.

A pinpoint of light began to appear in the darkness. Gradually the light grew, and he felt himself drawn to it. Moving closer to this light, he experienced immense joy and peace. Then, he was absorbed into the brilliance. He was alone, but felt utterly surrounded by an unfathomable love. He saw no one; no guides, no deceased relatives came to greet him.

He realized that the light was not a person, but an intelligence--alive--more alive than any person he had ever known. There were worlds within the light. Soon, he saw the light divided into sectors: other beings within a greater Being. He noticed that he, too, was a "light" like the sphere in which he found himself. He wanted to explore these radiating luminaries, and he immediately found himself immersed in spheres of light. They had names: Wisdom and Knowledge. Two distinct spheres of intelligence, but they had a common source.

Dr Rodonaia marveled that the Knowledge and Wisdom he experienced were intelligences beyond his imaginings; they were the sources of everything which could be learned in the physical world. He would later reflect, upon awakening, that these celestial spheres were inclusive of the human spirit but greater--much greater than an earthly body or being. As he traveled within the infinity of this light, he experienced a form of universal knowledge. As quickly as could mentally ask a question, an instantaneous answer presented itself. Dr. Rodonaia was amazed, because he was a scientist and never gave any thought to the continuation of the soul after death. A fuller joy than he had ever experienced on earth swept through him, carrying him to higher realms of understanding, harmony, and peace. Meanwhile, his body lay silent and forgotten in the morgue. Forgotten by his soul, as well as by his adversaries who had killed him.

Feeling more alive than he had ever felt on earth, Dr Rodonaia drank i the brilliant understanding of life in all lits aspects. He knew the ancient mysteries, the enigmas, the secrets of all ages. He absorbed the knowledge within the light, understanding that the universe is a thing alive, benevolent, omnipotent.

After what seemed like ages in this light, Dr Rodonaia felt himself descending. Turning his attention to this descent, he saw the earth and the people he knew in his mortal life. He desired to know what was happening with his friends and family and found himself drawn into the home of his best friend, Maurice. The doctor continued to feel buoyant and serene--hovering high above the scene which unfolded itself like a play. Suddenly, his feelings of peace and harmony were replaced by dark thoughts. He watched his best friend staring helplessly into a crib which contained a small baby wailing in pain. Dr. Rodonaia, still in his unusual state of consciousness where every question could be answered by desire alone, understood what was happening instantaneously. Although his best friend did not know why the child had be relentlessly crying all day, Dr. Rodonaia knew immediately that the baby's hip was broken. A careless nurse had dropped the child and didn't report the accident. The parents came home to the screaming child, unaware of the tragedy.

Dr. Rodonaia wished that he could tell the little one to stop crying, that no one knew what the baby was trying to say. Even as this desire crossed the thoughts of his psyche, the child immediately stopped crying and looked up at Dr. Rodonaia. No one else in the room sensed the doctor's presence, but the child did. Dr. Rodonaia's friends were dumbstruck. The child had been crying all day! Why had it stopped?

He then felt himself being drawn upward, leaving this scene of his friend's and returning to the celestial fields of Wisdom and Knowledge. But the image he had just seen of the baby disconcerted him. He wished that he could do something to help. Upon the wings of this thought, he felt himself being drawn away from the light back into the darkness he had found himself immediately after his assassination.

The doctor had a great sense of anxiety as he felt himself leaving the light. Soon, he found himself again looking over another earthly scene: the hospital where his body had been taken.

The autopsy room! The pathologists had wheeled his cold and stiff body from the morgue onto the autopsy table. As the medical team began their posthumous work, cutting into his chest and abdominal cavity, Dr. Rodonaia began to lose his expanded consciousness, slipping further downward toward his body. Suddenly he felt cold. Freezing. Then he felt the heaviness of his body. The cold was unbearable. He tried to scream, but his vocal chords were frozen. He couldn't move any part of his body except his eyelids. He began to blink rapidly, hoping someone would see that he was conscious.

"It's alive!" the pathologist screamed. Pandemonium ensued. Medical trays and tools were knocked to the floor as the medical assistants jumped back in horror.

"Up to intensive care," one of the doctors screamed. "Immediately!: Dr. Rodonaia had begun to breathe again. He was wheeled into the emergency room, intravenous fluids were begun. A respirator was attached to help him breathe.

Dr. Rodonaia had come back from the dead after three days in the morgue!

"This is impossible," the pathologist muttered. "Impossible!:

When he regained full consciousness nearly a week later, Dr. Rodonaia saw his best friend standing at his bedside, wide-eyed and in shock.

"Your baby," Dr. Rodonaia croaked, speaking for the first time. "Your child's hip ... it is broken ... needs a doctor immediately ..."

His friend looked on in astonishment. "George, George, how could you know what is wrong with my child?"

With as much urgency as he could muster, Dr. Rodonaia pleaded with his friend to take his child to the hospital. "The nurse dropped your child ... injured ... badly. Go! Now!"

The pain became intense, and Dr Rodonaia fell unconscious. The man stopped at the nurse's station, telephoned his wife, and told her to bring the child to the hospital immediately for x-rays.

The child, near death at this point, was brought into the hospital. The x-rays showed the broken hip bone. A specialist was called in. "The child will be well," the physician told the anxious parents.

Dr. Rodonaia's friend wept as he made his way to George's bedside. He grabbed his miracle friend's hand. "You saved my child ... you saved my baby..."

His miraculous recovery was complete, with no brain damage. His spine and broken bones mended. Later, he successfully defected from the Soviet Union before the fall of communism and is now a Methodist minister in the United
States. He remembers in minute detail his three-day excursion into the world of the dead. As a result, he has dedicated his life and work in service to humanity.

Dr. Rodonaia, who related this story during an interview in 1993, as well as in a short documentary film entitled Life After Life (produced by Cascom International in 1992), never forgot his visit to the celestial worlds of Wisdom and Knowledge. According to an ancient text, The Book of Enoch, which was at one time part of the Bible, Wisdom is a divine intelligence--an angel--whose influence is learned in the schools of mysticism, while the actual source of wisdom remains in the realms unseen:
Wisdom went forth to dwell among the sons of men, but she obtained not an habitation. Wisdom returned to her place, and seated herself in the midst of the angels..." (The Book of Enoch 42:2)

Dr. Rodonaia felt that all of his scholarly education in life emanated from this realm, and during his three-day death occurrence he had the blessed experience of learning from the source of wisdom. In those three days, he felt that he learned more than he had in his thirty-six earthly years. He had never pondered the reality of angels prior to his death experience, and yet he knew after he awoke that it was they who guided him through many realms in the worlds unseen. This perspective of wisdom and Knowledge as angels is quite different from the traditional view of divine messengers, and yet angels are defined as messengers who impart wisdom, inspiration, and guidance to human beings. Dr Rodonaia's death experience is a powerful reminder to the living that there are worlds which have not yet been discovered, worlds in which the soul lives on.

Today, he says that his time of death was "the greatest education of life anyone could hope for."

Here is a link to the movie mentioned above where he is interviewed.

The story you just read come from a book titled Edgar Cayce on Angels Archangels and the Unseen Forces by Robert J. Grant.


For several years, Kerry Cassidy and her partner Bill Ryan of Project Camelot had expressed an interest to interview James, the creator of the WingMakers, Lyricus, and EventTemples websites and all of the content therein. James politely declined all interview requests until his first interview in April 2008 with his web manager Mark Hempel1. Then, in November 2008, James reached out to Kerry and Bill and offered to do an interview with them, which is included, in its entirety, in this document.

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