An immigrant to the United States of America, Edward Leedskalnin devised a means to single-handedly lift and maneuver blocks of coral weighing up to 30 tons each. In Homestead, Florida, using his closely guarded secret, he was able to quarry and construct an entire complex of monolithic blocks of coral in an arrangement that reflected his own unique character. On average, the weight of a single block used in the Coral Castle was greater than those used to build the Great Pyramid. Here is a link to a website page about Edward.



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I spent time in Egypt. It was life changing for me. It still is life changing for me. It's as if a giant giant bell was rung in a massive mountain valley and when rung the sound is momentous and the sound never stops ringing. People don't get educated about the three pyramids in Giza; and it is a pity they don't just get some facts. Why just some facts? Why not talk about the timeline written in the stone along the walls of the grand gallery as it ascends to the Queen's Chamber and then continues to the King's Chamber. Unfortunately there ar many misunderstandings regarding the Great Pyramid of Giza as this pyramid was constructed to serve purposes far far greater than a tomb.

Here are some facts to consider:

Its original height was 481 feet or 146.5 meters.

Its base is a perfect square and each side of the square measuring 756 feet. The base spans over 13 acres of land.

Each side of it covers an area of 5.5 acres. So for four sides, the total surface area is 22 acres.

About 2.3 million stone blocks were used to build this massive structure with the average weight of each stone block being 7 tons. Some of the stones were as heavy as 30 tons and some weighed well over 50 tons.

The total area covered by the pyramid’s base is 592,000

Originally the entire outside of the pyramid was covered in polished limestone 100 inches thick. Around 144,000 of these stones were required and the cuts had to be precise. The precision similar to cutting diamonds. Each stone weighed 20 tons and the accuracy of the stones flatness would be what you would expect in a thick sheet of glass. This allowed the pyramid to reflect sunlight like a jewel of white sparkling in the sunlight. The stones were used to rebuild Alexandra after a large earthquake devastated the city. More were removed by Arabs of the time to build mosques.

The stones were so precise that there was a .02 inch gap between them.

The construction design of the pyramid is extremely advanced. Advanced also was the process and technology used to build this. How do you perfectly cut a fifty ton piece of very hard granite? How do you transport it about a hundred miles? How do you place this stone.

Here is a photo I took of the entrance to the great Pyramid. At one time there was a massive stone door on a swivel that could be easily opened by one person if they knew how to do so. The door weighed 20 tons. The barbarians blasted and hammered at the pyramid until they found the entrance. The door is gone.

They used a mortar that is still there and still good. We have yet to figure out how this mortar was made.

The four sides are slightly concave.

The coffer or coffin in the kings chamber is also a misnomer. It would be better to consider it a stargate or a frequency. From the Cayce information I believe this was for attuning adepts and a last part of a detailed education in all things mystic, spiritual and universal. Just my sense. This was created from one large granite rock. I remember reading somewhere that scientists said the cuts to the granite looked like it was cut using two opposing lasers. Very high tech for sure.

There have been theories that the pyramid acts like a balance weight on a car wheel rim. It is located at the center of the entire earths land mass. The planets longest land parallel passes through the pyramid as does the earth's longest land meridian. It is at an intersection. That is important when taking into account geomagnetic lines of force, The pyramid is so heavy that it could not be built on anything but a solid mass of rock and it is built on a mountain of granite.

The concave sides are the same mathematically as the earth's curvature.

Add up the lengths of all four sides of the base and move the decimal point to the left two places and the number is the exact length of our solar year - 365.24

There are two small shafts reaching from the upper sides of the pyramid into the Kings Chamber and the design is such that there is a constant air flow and the room stays 68 degrees at all times. This is the same for the Queens Chamber.

There were no signs at all of this being a burial chamber. At one point someone painted some symbols but were obviously fraudulent. There is so much more to say about this and perhaps later I will come back to this and add more interesting facts and the story of this place that was presented by my favorite mystical seer Edgar Cayce.

On the Short Stories page I have another story about Egypt.

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This is a fascinatingconversation between Joe Rogan and Randall Carlson that discusses the data from a two mile deep ice core project that took five years to drill and more than a decade to analyze. It directly looks at the warming and cooling changes on the planet over tens of thousands of years. This is really interesting. Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.

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