She is funny. I first came across her work when a video she did went viral. Here is a link to that video. What We Should ALL Be Doing Right Now

Julie came to Youtube in a big way with her video "Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self. She grew up in Calgary, Danada and has a B.F.A. in acting from Toronto York University.     Here is the video.

"I make videos to help you consider yourself and life in a more thoughtful way. Some of my videos are satirical comedy, others are more straightforward and serious. Satirical and serious are two parts that make the whole of me and what I do. Humor and seriousness are perhaps two important keys that open the doors of our heart and soul. If we have one and not the other, we're at least half locked out of our own self." He recently had a video removed by youtube for being too close to the truth.

Here are links to two of my favorites.     How Presidential Candidates Are Chosen     The Left vs Right in 2020

Here are two more that are quite interesting. What it's Like Getting Censored on YouTube    What it's Like Living in California Now

This two minute video from an episode of the Carol Burnett show may not be music to your ears. It may rather tickle your funny bone. The Video

Skydivers Dead After Parachute Turns Out to be Bear. Full story.
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