My Purpose(s) for this page 

Purpose One: Share Links and Data that is certainly not searchable on google anymore

I have created this website because over the last year the level of censorship on internet searches and all social media has become unacceptable. I have had posts to FB blocked, been unable to send particular page links through FB messenger, and have noticed the big search engine engaging in social engineering. This has gotten very disconcerting; it is an attack on free speech. Here is Jaron Lanier being interviewed on how social media ruins your life.

I have also realized that the Facebook environment is toxic. There is a new level of discourse amongst many on opposite sides of issues that can best be described as antediluvian (extremely primitive).

I think there comes a time in life where we have to stand for something or we stand for nothing. Now days having any contrary view automatically labels you a "conspiracy theorist". This amuses me. The global definition of conspiracy is "any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result". People have been conspiring as long as there have been people.

These days the most commonly accepted definition is "a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose". And, who determines what is true and what isn't. When the Gulf of Tonkin incident was declassified we found out that there had not been an incident at all. It was all made up. Regarding the Gulf of Tonkin I was a conspiracy theorist until the truth came out and then I was simply right. Weird.

The same thing was true for the Iraq war. There were no weapons of mass destruction. And though the words conspiracy theory first appeared in print around 1870, it did not find its way into popular usage until after the JFK assination. It was used to discredit those that thought that Lee Harvey Oswald was more skilled than Rambo. Anyone who has ever fired a rifle knows the difficulty of hitting a target when it is reasonably close and not moving. He had an old bolt style rifle, was high up in a building, and the target was moving. 

I don't claim to know "the truth". I do claim to find alternative versions of narratives to be something worth your consideration. And, I don't know anything for sure. Is that perhaps a definition of open minded? Perhaps.

Purpose Two: To share information that lifts the human spirit, educates, is useful, fun, and overall helpful.

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