Never do anything against conscience even if the State demands it.

~ Albert Einstein


        This blog came about because I left Facebook due to its deciding to censor free speech.  Perhaps I am just tilting at windmills or maybe my departure from Facebook will inspire others to do so also.    


Yes I have changed some things on this website. If you cannot find content you are looking for email me at


What a long time for an update. Summer increases my energy and increases the things I want to accomplish and I have been very busy.

Here is a recent tour of my garden.


Spring has sprung and I am busy with outdoor projects including an expansion of my garden.  I am also busy with website development and upgrades (Designedge), seeing many more clients for Hypnotherapy, (Olympic Hypnotherapy).


I have not updated this blog for awhile. I have been very busy with personal affairs.

I feel some fait accompli these days watching the political, economic, and meteorological events, consequences, and trends. What hope do we have in these troubled times?

Perhaps our best hope is to just remember, remember that the most important things are our thoughts and emotions. As we think and emote so goes the fate of the world. How does that quote go? Be the peace you want to see in the world? Peaceful is a difficult place for to stay focused on often times.      


If there is one thing I would like this website to accomplish it would be to amplify oneness on this planet. I have a detailed explanation of that plan here.

Here is the short version of the plan:

Join us. Who are we? We are you and those you invite joining me and those I have invited and those they invited and so on and so on. And invite those who have passed, and invite them to invite those they know on the other side. This is a oneness word of mouth movement that needs nothing but your participation and your letting others know. Meet at the Great Pyramid in Giza at 5pm pacific time. Pray and meditate and send light and love to the all peoples, the planet and the solar system. If you can't meet at that time just imagine being there at that time and you will be there.


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