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Here I provide documentation for various fields of interest to me. These fields of interest are not appreciated by the powers that be, and are being cleansed from the internet by the tech giants.

Intelligent people can be ignorant. Ignorance can come from not having a free flow of opinions and ideas from which to choose a course of action. So, the only people accessing this portion of my blog are through referral.



Never do anything against conscience even if the State demands it.

~ Albert Einstein


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If there is one thing I would like this website to accomplish it would be to amplify oneness on this planet. I have a detailed explanation of that plan here.

Here is the short version of the plan:

Join us. Who are we? We are you and those you invite joining me and those I have invited and those they invited and so on and so on. And invite those who have passed, and invite them to invite those they know on the other side. This is a oneness word of mouth movement that needs nothing but your participation and your letting others know. Meet at the Great Pyramid in Giza at 5pm pacific time. Pray and meditate and send light and love to the all peoples, the planet and the solar system. If you can't meet at that time just imagine being there at that time and you will be there.


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